Clash Royale News: Battle Ram

Welcome to a brand new feature on JSG! Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are 2 of the most popular games out nowadays, and I am a turd so I shall be adding a new feature AGAIN though it isn’t friday. ONTO THE….. whatever the heck this feature is.



This is the Battle Ram. The newest card in clash royale and an utter piece of crap. It’s like the Hog Rider for people who are to cheap to use it and/or don’t have it even though it comes in the arena right after it. It costs 4 elixir (the same as the hog rider) and only attacks buildings (like the Hog Rider). BUT, it has a charge function (like the prince) and spawns two barbarians when it is killed (No clue where THAT came from). HOWEVER, I am going to vouch for the card and will say that when it is charging, it has some SERIOUS damage to towers.


Note to self: Photoshop your OWN pictures instead of pulling ones off the web. Anyways, it comes in the Builders Workshop, so if your not in that arena you’re out of luck. So, is it a piece of crud? Yes, and that is why I am giving it 5/10. The end!

EDIT: (When i said i had no clue where the Barbs came from, the barbs are actually holding up the ram.)