New Overwatch Event: Uprising

Okay, Overwatch has a new event, and it’s themed to the Omnic (is that how you spell it?) Uprising in King’s Row, so it’s called Easter. Of course it’s called Uprising! If there was an event themed to the FIFA World Cup, would you call it Summer Games? So, the event. Most of the stuff in it is pretty stinking boring, except DAT GENJI SKIN DOEimages (1)

That is SICK. I’m a Genji main so i was MORE than happy to see this bad boy. Also, Orisa Null Sector is pretty good.

orisa null sector

And also, If you have Hanzo’s Training emote, everything you do will automatically be cool. (Hanzo mains rejoice. #MemesGalore.) And also, the event has a new game mode called Uprising, where you play as a strike team of Mercy, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and everybody’s favorite time traveling Brit,  Tracer. Note the sarcasm.The point of it is to complete a number of objectives without Strike Commander Morrison going, “Tracer’s Down! Revive her” Mercy: “Heroes Never Die!” Morrison: “Glad to hear it.” download (8)

And also, Torbjorn got 2 skins. 2 SKINS! FOR TORBJORN! HAS THE BLIZZARD DEVELOPMENT TEAM GONE MAD?!? (ignores own torbjorn play rates) And to round things off, D.Va got the world’s best highlight intro. #SelfieWhileBeingImpaledByShrapnel. #StopLookingAtMeFunny. #Hashtag. And to round everything off, everybody who didn’t get something got random voice lines. Except Bastion. He got random Beep-Bo-Deeps. #PeaceOut.