Game Review #1: Planet Coaster

20161202151545_1¬†Hello. Jedi here. Today we shall be doing a review of the Steam game “Planet Coaster”. I suppose we should start now, eh?

My experience in Planet Coaster started when i opened it up, to the very well designed loading screen. My experience in tycoon games being very small, I decided to start a new park. I picked the “tropical” setting, so i could do pirate stuff. When the game finally got to the actual game, I commenced work on Main St. After being insulted by the games clunky, grid-based building simulator, I realised that there was a “Blue Print” area and picked out my shops and stalls from the games data base. You can see the results of Main St from the below picture.


After Main St was completed, I got bored with such petty bothers as building and went to build my first coaster, Thunder Bird. It was a wooden coaster, and you can see a bit of it in the above photo. As soon as I opened up the coaster editor, I could see that the coasters were the point of this game. The builder was smooth and realistic, the “ride the rides” function was very well made, and the Peeple (Thats what they were called, Really!) flocked to the ride like fat Internet trolls flock to Harveys (a canadian food chain, for the Non-Canadians out there.). Soon I decided to make some Rides. My first rides were a thing called a Gee-Nee, and a ride called The Sun Spin. (the Sun Spin was the thing in the first photo.) Then, i made a LOT of failed coups to make a Kiddy Coaster, but I ended up replacing them with a Ferris wheel and something called the cube, which made The Sun Spin look TAME.I only stopped playing when I realised I had spent 3 hours on the game. All in all, a GREAT simulator that’s only bad spot is the building simulator. I give it 9/10!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S Here are some of the photos that did not fit anywhere else.)20161202151633_1