The Hammond Files. A theory by JediStudiosGaming

Hi. Jedi here, and I’m debating the existence of Hammond. In case you didn’t know, Hammond was leaked in the newest map release for Overwatch, Horizon Lunar Colony, and most everybody thinks he’s a chimpanzee. I do NOT think he’s a chimpanzee, though. I think he’s a baboon. Of course he’s a chimpanzee!  Any idiot knows that from the leak!  But, what will his abilities be? Most everybody thinks he’ll be a builder, but I think he will be…… a builder.


But, his abilities. Everybody is thinking that he’ll have a shield and a stun beacon, but PLEASE! That’s basically Symmetra (or as some of my friends who shall remain nameless call her, Symmetry).  Here are my ideas.

FIRST ABILITY: Movement Destabilizer. This ability will sort of be like the anti-Lucio.  It will slow down the enemies that walk near it, speed up the allies that walk near it, and will have 275 health and a 7 second cooldown.

SECOND ABILITY: Shielded Turret. This ability is kind of overpowered, but it’s low fire rate makes up for it.  It does 150(!) damage per shot, but only shoots once every 8 seconds. It has 200 health plus 30 shields, and has a 12 second cooldown.

MAIN WEAPON: Pellet Pistol. Hammond holds this in his LEFT hand,  making him the first hero to do so. It has 10 shots and empties relatively quickly, firing one pellet per second. It does 75 damage per shot, and is good for long distances.


SECONDARY WEAPON: Okay, sue me. This isn’t an attack, but it’s a shield that has 100 health and can protect 3 people at once. You need to hold down the corresponding button for at least 5 seconds, though, or it loses 5 health a second.

ULTIMATE: Chimp Instincts.  I think this is a pretty cool ultimate. It lets Hammond jump really high, move really fast, allows him to climb things, and increases all of his thing’s health by 25%. Also, he can do 100 damage with the Pellet Pistol multiplied by how long the ultimate lasts.

Okay, that’s all of Hammond’s abilities, now onto his stats. He will have 100 health and 125 shields, so his health is relatively high. He will be a defense hero, and will be placed between Mei and Junkrat.  Now for some chimpanzee pictures, because i feel like it.

maxresdefault (1)

Have fun “Monkeying” around, JEDI.


Overwatch Character Review: Roadhog

Hello. My name is Jedi (duh) and welcome to our very first Overwatch Character Review! Today’s subject: Roadhog.


Yup, he’s that master of destruction, killer of noobs, and overall rage-maker, Roadhog. Here are his abilities. (for XBox One.)

RIGHT BUTTON: Long Range Spread. Basically a shot gun. (but crappier)

LEFT TRIGGER: Short Range Blast. Better with the Chain Hook. (We’ll come to that later)

LEFT BUTTON: Chain Hook. Pulls in enimies from afar, and looks really cool doing it.

RIGHT BUTTON: Take a Breather. Basically heals him up 200 health. C’est le tres TROLOLOL!

ULTIMATE: Whole Hog. Possibly the worst ultimate in the game. WHY: Crap damage, knocks people back (meaning less kills!) and ends really fast.


Ok, now that we’ve gone over his ABILITIES, now onto the UPGRADES (skins and such). I am kind of saying this out of my opinion, but Roadhog has the BEST skins in the game. I am currently using his Stitched skin, (below) and think it is the BEST skin in the game.         roadhog-skin-stitched

Ok, onto the ratings……..

9/10 for Roadhog! That makes him the second best tank in the game (cough cough Reinhardt cough cough) And THAT ends our review. Bye!

Game Review #1: Planet Coaster

20161202151545_1 Hello. Jedi here. Today we shall be doing a review of the Steam game “Planet Coaster”. I suppose we should start now, eh?

My experience in Planet Coaster started when i opened it up, to the very well designed loading screen. My experience in tycoon games being very small, I decided to start a new park. I picked the “tropical” setting, so i could do pirate stuff. When the game finally got to the actual game, I commenced work on Main St. After being insulted by the games clunky, grid-based building simulator, I realised that there was a “Blue Print” area and picked out my shops and stalls from the games data base. You can see the results of Main St from the below picture.


After Main St was completed, I got bored with such petty bothers as building and went to build my first coaster, Thunder Bird. It was a wooden coaster, and you can see a bit of it in the above photo. As soon as I opened up the coaster editor, I could see that the coasters were the point of this game. The builder was smooth and realistic, the “ride the rides” function was very well made, and the Peeple (Thats what they were called, Really!) flocked to the ride like fat Internet trolls flock to Harveys (a canadian food chain, for the Non-Canadians out there.). Soon I decided to make some Rides. My first rides were a thing called a Gee-Nee, and a ride called The Sun Spin. (the Sun Spin was the thing in the first photo.) Then, i made a LOT of failed coups to make a Kiddy Coaster, but I ended up replacing them with a Ferris wheel and something called the cube, which made The Sun Spin look TAME.I only stopped playing when I realised I had spent 3 hours on the game. All in all, a GREAT simulator that’s only bad spot is the building simulator. I give it 9/10!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S Here are some of the photos that did not fit anywhere else.)20161202151633_1



Welcome to JediStudiosGaming!


This is just a selfie.

Hello. My name is Jedi and I am the owner of JediStudiosGaming. JediStudiosGaming is a gaming website based in Ontario,Canada. It is going to be updated on Fridays and will have content such as Overwatch, Various Steam Based Sandbox Games, and OCCASIONAL looks into the life of me. I hope you enjoy seeing this site progress through various stages of life. This is JediStudios, signing out. (P.S If you are reading this for the first time, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the first visitor on my site.)